Modernized – Thermal Break Aluminum Flush Sash with Casement Screen Series

Note: The price is frame only and per square meter(10 sq. ft). Please before placing an order.

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Modernized Aluminum Flush Sash Series
Profile Europe Standard 6063 T5 Thermal Break Aluminum, Multi-cavity Structure
Profile Thickness 1.6mm, Max 2.0mm
Powder Coating, Customized Color Available
Energy Efficient  Advanced PA66+GF Insulate Strip, Thickness 30mm 
Advanced EPMD + Foamed Composite Strip—30 years warranty
6mm+20Ar+6mm or 5mm+12Ar+5mm+12Ar+5mm Fully Tempered Insulated Glass
Low-e Coating
Supper Warm Edge Spacer
Hardware Top German Brand Hardware
Screen Fix Screen, Casement Screen (Stainless Steel) Optional
Open Type Casement, Push out Casement, Tilt and Turn, Picture
Performance U-factor: Double Glazing 0.25 / Triple Glass 0.19 (Btu/ft² • hr • F°)
SHGC:0.23-0.55(Adjustable by Low-e Glass)
Visible Transmittance:0.48-0.64
Air Leakage:<0.2 cf • m/ft²


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