Surface Treatment

800+ Gema Switzerland Powder Coating Area


The surface adhesion and uniformity of profiles exceed European standards, and meets your personalized customization in color.

Surface Treatment Process

1.Preprocessing Sandblasting: Remove the dirt on the surface of the profile, making the workpiece smoother and doing an excellent job for the later coating.

2.Profile to Coat: Using horizontal powder coating production line, cleaning, drying and powder coating are all automated.

3.Imported Powder: Adopt the original Netherlands brand imported AkzoNobel powder coating, three sprays and two cleans, to make the surface of the profile smoother.

4.Adhere Protection Film: All profiles are inspected by the paint film meter, far exceeding the requirements of the national standard, which is safer and healthier.


Gema Gun

The spraying gun imported from Switzerland makes the powder coloring on the profile more even and the performance more outstanding.


AkzoNobel Powder

We stick with AkzoNobel’s powder because it colors more evenly and adheres better. And the most important point is that it is very environmentally friendly and harmless to human health!

Add More Color to Life More Colors Available

Various and colorful options to create a quality life for you. WDMA devotes itself to designing a comfortable home with safe powder coating finishing, being a safe guardian on your way sailing to your happiness.