A solution for living in the mountains



A solution for living in the mountains

Location City :  Austin, Texas, USA

Project Requirement Analysis๏ผšAustin is the capital of Texas and is the administrative, commercial, political, and technological center of the state. The client lives in the hills in an area that is exceptionally hot, and therefore wanted a better reduction of solar radiation, better ventilation and less noise. The client wanted a solution with large cavities and absolute privacy on top of that.

Solution Analysis :

This customer worked closely with Warren’s workers to determine the perfect door for their home. After careful research, this customer and his family decided on the Warren Narrow Frame Sliding Door.

1.For a solution where the customer wants a large hole, we recommend laminated glass. The upgraded laminated glass allows for a large single door and at the same time can effectively reduce noise. The laminated glass is also a safety glass, even if it breaks, the fragments will stick to the film, effectively preventing fragments from tearing and penetrating falls from occurring and ensuring personal safety. This gives the house a more open view in terms of functionality and visually distinguishes it from other similar houses.

2.To meet the client’s desire to reduce solar radiation as well as shade and insulate from the human senses and comfort, Warren was used as standard Low-e glazing to give occupants maximum comfort, make life nice and soothing and improve quality of life. As the client wanted to have an open view while reducing solar radiation, we advised this client to prefer 70Low-e as it maintains a clear view of the outdoors indoors while effectively shielding it from excessive solar radiation.

Similarly, we recommend pairing 60 Low-e because it is a bedroom and the client wants to maintain privacy. And 60Low-e has a stronger mirror effect outside the room when viewed from the outside. In addition, 60Low-e looks visually more dull from the inside out compared to 70Low-e.It can better meet the requirements of customers who want to have privacy.

Customer Comments:Excellent service, very very helpful honest, and highly professional team. I do not have words to explain . Excellent logistics packaging, fast production speed, and active communication on installation issues.The product is great, WARREN is a trustworthy vendor.

๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ May Thursday,2023

Products used in this project

The Narrow Sliding Door

The sliding doors feature a minimalist design style with a narrow and square frame that encompasses the door leaf..

It offers two track options: an accessible flat track and a sloping drainage high track, suitable for different architectural applications.

The door is available in both double and quadruple panels for added convenience.

The main load-bearing wall thickness of the profile ranges from 1.6mm to 2.2mm, and the door panel is connected using corner brackets for high load-bearing capacity and stability. The door also features a central roller design with standard stoppers for smooth and stable sliding.

Low-e Glass

In this project, every window and door is made of high quality aluminium and glass. However, these are not ordinary glasses. We chose to use Warren’s standard glass, Low-E glass, which is a type of glass that improves energy efficiency and blocks most solar radiation. Low-E Glass Coating helps keep your home warm in the winter by reflecting heat back into your house and keeping it from escaping through the windows. In the summer, the coating can be used to keep your home cooler by reflecting heat from the outside and limiting the amount that enters your home.We are proud to have always used this glass to give our customers a different experience, ensuring both open views and natural light, and contributing to energy efficient windows and doors.The slim frames of our fixed windows are not only stylish and modern, but also offer maximum viewing angles.

Aluminium Alloy:

Using a 6063-T5 aluminum profile has many advantages such as greater hardness and corrosion resistance, easier processing and maintenance.Its features:

1. Good cold workability, medium hardness.

2. Good weldability, plasticity.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance and toughness.

4.Easy to polish and colour film.

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