Lead Time

Lead Time

We offer you the bet service!

After agreeing on the shipping costs, we convert the offer into a real order. You will then receive a confirmation by e-mail. As soon as the payment has been received, all information is transmitted to production and we will proceed with the manufacturing process

Our production times are fast, e.g. sliding windows on average are produced between 3-4 weeks, casement windows often within 3 weeks. Our garage door often within 2 weeks. Pergola would be 2-4 weeks decided on your size. The production time can differ and will be estimated for each order separately.

Should you have any questions throughout the entire process your sales representative will be happy to provide you with current order status, answer any questions and sometimes even provide pictures from the production floor showing your particular order.

Procurement Process

1. Request A Free Quote

4. Receive And Confirm Invoice

7. Production Scheduling

10. On-time Loading and Shipment

2. Provide The Best Solution within 24 hours

5. Payment Successful

8. Quality Checking Before Loading

11. Installation Guide

3. Offer Quotation

6. Confirm Design Drawing

9. Multi-level of Packing Protection

12. After-sales Service

Get Started With Step-By-Step Project Planning