Energy Efficiency

Why Choose Energy Efficiency Aluminum Windows And Doors?

The Perfect Solution To Keep Your Home Comfortable And Your Energy Bills Low !

With Warren’s energy efficient windows and doors, your home stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer, while also reducing noise nuisance and blocking harmful UV rays. With our high-quality materials and professionally detailed installation, you can enjoy a more comfortable home that is also more environmentally friendly.

So why wait? Upgrade to energy efficient windows and doors today and start saving money while doing your part to protect the environment!

What Makes Windows And Doors Energy Efficient?

1.LOW-E Glass Coatings

2.Multiple Window glass Panes

3.Window Gas Fills

4.Window Spacers

1. LOW-E Glass Coatings

50% of the energy consumption of the whole house or building is lost through windows and doors, and more than 80% of the window and door area is the glass part.

Low-E Glass Coating reflects certain wavelengths of heat while still allowing light to pass through. This helps in the winter months when the glass will reflect sunlight back into the house and prevent heat from escaping through the windows, thus allowing your house to continue to stay warmer reducing the cold and reducing or even eliminating heat loss.

2. Multiple Window Glass Panes

An energy efficient window can be double or triple glazed. This means that it can have two or three adjacent panes of glass in one window, with small partitions between each panes. These pieces of glass are placed together with some space between each piece. The room is either left with air locked in the middle or filled with a gas such as krypton or argon. The sides of the glass panes are securely sealed, restricting any transfer of air or gas through them. The air or gas sandwiched between them is an excellent thermal insulator. This means that it limits the transfer of heat energy between them.

3. Window Gas Fills

Filling windows with gas reduces the conductivity of the air space between multiple panes of glass, which makes them more energy efficient. In a sealed glazed unit without a gas filler, cold air settles at the bottom and warm air rises to the top.

The space is filled with an inert gas, such as argon or krypton, which minimises convection and reduces conduction through the gas as well as the overall heat exchange between internal and external temperatures.

As discussed above, the space between paned glass sheets can be left as it is with air only. Or it can also be filled with gases like krypton or argon.

There are no disadvantages to having these gases in your windows since they are not toxic and do not have any color or odor. There is, however, a significant advantage that these gases have over using air only. Gases like argon are considered even better insulators than air.Hence, using such inert gases to fill in the gap between two sheets of glass can enhance the overall insulation of the house even further.

4. Window Spacers

A window glass spacer is a plastic, metal, or foam strip that separates, supports, and seals in the gases that are inserted between the panes. Glass spacers keep glass sheets at the right distance apart and create an airtight cavity between them. Besides insulating pane edges, these non-metallic and metal hybrid spacers also reduce heat transfer through windows.

Warren uses black warm-edge spacer strips for their excellent stability, excellent energy efficiency and ability to minimise condensation on glass and windows, reducing the possibility of mould; reducing thermal stress on glass and preventing glass blow-out; creating a comfortable interior environment for users and meeting the needs of high-end users of high quality insulated glass windows and doors.

Warren continues to improve energy efficiency and the performance of its windows and doors to the maximum extent possible.

The energy efficiency of your home

Make your home more comfortable and improve its energy performance with energy efficient windows and doors.

Double Glazing

Upgrade to optional double or triple glazing to increase insulated air space.

Low-e glass

Low-e glass coatings reduce solar radiation to keep your home comfortable.

Precise and correct installation

Correct installation is the key to getting the best out of your windows and doors.

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