Why 6060-T66 Alumium


Alumium 6060-T66 VS 6063-T5

Parameter comparison of aluminum alloy 6060-T66 and 6063-T5

6063-T5 aluminum alloy is air-cooled, with easy control of deformation coefficient and moderate hardness, while 6060-T66 aluminum alloy is strengthened by a special process on the basis of T6, with higher hardness, stable performance and small deformation. 6060-T66 aluminum alloy has higher silicon content than 6063-T5, and also contains small amount of copper and magnesium, which makes it have better strength and corrosion resistance.
After solution heat treatment and artificial aging treatment, 6060-T66 aluminum alloy has higher strength and average mechanical properties than T6 under 20-30Mpa condition [T66 is under T6 (solution strengthening + full artificial aging)] condition, and then strengthened mechanical properties by a special process. Compared with 6063-T5, 6060-T66 aluminum alloy has smoother composition, higher precision, stronger anti-aging ability, and higher reliability.

Why we choose 6060-T66 aluminum profile?

Advantages of 6060-T66 aluminum alloy

High-strength heat treatment alloy with high hardness;
Easy processing, good corrosion resistance;
Stable performance and low deformation;
Good weldability, high strength, good flexibility;
Good mechanical properties wear resistance, and impact resistance; The service life is 10 times of common aluminum alloy.

High Tensile Strength

The tensile strength of 6060-T66 and 6063-T5 aluminum alloy is 215MPa and 160MPa respectively, and the yield strength is 160MPa and 110MPa respectively. using 6060-T66 aluminum profile has stronger wind pressure resistance and load bearing performance, which is the primary guarantee to keep high safety factor of doors and windows.

High Hardness

The actual measurement of 6060-T66 aluminum alloy can reach 14HW, which is 7.6% higher than 6063-T5. 6060-T66 aluminum profile can improve the safety performance and impact resistance of doors and windows and is not easily deformed or seriously damaged after a super typhoon or violent impact.

High Toughness

6060-T66 has higher elongation after the break than 6063-T5 aluminum alloy. 6060-T66 aluminum profile has better flexibility and stronger resistance to deformation, which can reduce the occurrence of catastrophic fracture damage.

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